dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Can a Flemish writer...

write English books?

I'd like to think so. At least, that is what I'm trying to do, and that is what people tell me I can. I'm not a native English speaking guy. Just like most of my fellow countrymen, I've learned English in school, from listening to pop music, watching English movies. Reading English books. And just having that language feel that makes me know when something is wrong.

I think...

So, this is why I've started to translate my originally Dutch stories into English. Does it tell? Probably it will. I'd like to think I've taken most of the Dutch structures out of the sentences, but please forgive me if some have remained. My sincerest apologies for that.

http://www.lukefox.com is the home of my books.

But, those who have read the stories so far liked them. The Dutch influences did not bother them. They enjoyed the stories and were thrilled by the fantasy that had gone into them.
Which made me utterly happy :-)

And therefor, I would like to hear from more people if they like what they read. Seven stories have been finished so far. A bit of thrillers, suspense, some fantasy and a touch of erotica has gone into the stories.

I really do hope you'll enjoy them. And to encourage you all, I'm offering 20 free books to the first 20 who send me a e-mail. The only thing I would like to get in reply is a short review. Did you like it or not? And if yes, please tell me why. If not, please also tell me why.

That way I can learn and improve.

Just send me an e-mail stating which book you would like to read and on what platform and I will try to send you the free book or voucher as soon as possible.

And thank you in advance for your feedback!

Luke Fox aka Luc Vos